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January 28, 2009

Write Shop Story Builders Product Reviews



This review is for Write Shop Storybuilders. I had the opportunity to try two of there storybuilder ebooks~
This is such a wonderful product to help jump start the creative juices. Every time I ask my kids to come up with something to talk about since we aren't at the stage really for writing much.. they look at me with deer in headlights look. When I received these two ebooks for my TOS Crew Review I was excited.

Both come in ebook form straight to your inbox.. Which is really nice. You print off the cards onto sturdy cardstock. You can either print each section with different colored paper or you can print them on white paper with different color ink..

Each set of cards is broken up in four categories:
Character Cards
Character Trait Cards
Setting Cards
Plot Cards

The best way to store them is in zip lock bags to keep each category separate for easy grab and use so they don't get mixed up.. The object of these ebooks is to help jump start there learning and their writing or story creations. I know once we started using this, my boys were making up their own stories.. It helped them realize that they too can make up cute stories..

Some examples on how to use the cards is as follows:

First.. the child picks a card from each of the category piles. Then reads them out loud. They use this new sentence to start their writing assignments. They are great since most are very creatively put together so you never know where the story will lead you..

What I also liked about it is that since our kiddos aren't really at the writing short stories stages, we used the new sentences for creative storytime. Allowing them to use the sentence to tell a story verbally which gave them confidence to share their creativity openly without judgement.

This is an example of what you would get when you pull one card from each category..


Character Trait:

fishing boat

finds a secret staircase

So you would take this and make a sentence that looks like this:

The animated Astronaut finds a secret staircase near a fishing boat...

Then they would use this to start there story.. Isn't that fun! My kids have a blast with this and can be used over and over since you never get all cards the same so the imagination is endless!

I highly recommend this for those children struggling with finding something to write about or talk about in their schooling.. They are very inexpensive ranging from $3.95-$7.95.

Ready to download, print out and enjoy!

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yabby said...

Great review. I also got to try the Christmas version and found it worked very well for my reluctant writer.

Sheri said...

Oh, you got 2 different ones than I did-thanks for the review-as I am considering the People one. :-)